To learn is to search, is to find and discover one’s own being. Stay connected. Choose happiness.


Reflect. Iterate and compete within ones’ own self.

Natural intelligence

Build your own intelligence. Think independently.

Children, being the pure beings of nature, are very much in touch with themselves – their inner being, their true self, their individual nature, their prakriti. Prakriti has been founded with the conviction that if children learn to understand themselves, be completely aware of their swabhav, discover their prakriti, the true meaning of life will unfold itself.

K-5 School, Noida

Primary school in Noida emphasizing Whole Child development in the foundation years

K-12, Faridabad

A K-12 school coming up in Faridabad that implements Project based learning methodology with opportunities in internships and focussed preparation for real-life scenarios

JDM, East Delhi

A Budget Private School in Rajgarh adopted under School Transformation Program of Prakriti to instill learning by doing and igniting the desire to learn in children.

School at a glance

  • Spacious, airy, well-lit state-of-the-art classrooms.
  • Age appropriate books, games, toys and montessori equipment in each classroom
  • Students facilitator ratio of 10:1
  • Art, craft, painting and clay equipment in each classroom
  • Multiple outdoor play areas for physical exploration
  • Sand play, water play and tactile play areas green belt with thick tree cover
  • An open amphitheatre for story telling and drama
  • Herb garden
  • Doctor on call

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Our Community Programs

Family Support

Day care at Prakriti aspires to be a second home for your child, assuring you of the child’s comfort, safety, love and nurturance. Children spend the day meaningfully occupied in age-appropriate activities, designed not only to keep them engrossed but also to subtly unwrap their innate talent and beauty.

Bridge - Special needs program

In collaboration with Kriya, we integrate special needs children into the school, giving them adequate support in areas of Communication, Language, Play and Social skills.

Activity Centre

The Prakriti Activity Centre is an alternative learning center with aspirations to grow into a place for interaction between, and nurturing of young creative minds. It is a center for promoting arts and culture – through various activities, available to all children.

Joy of giving

So many things that we want to use but do not use keep lying in our houses. Pass things on to others if you have stuff lying unused since last 1 year. Donors do not know takers. Takers do not know donors. The transaction happens silently. Happiness walks in.

Parenting Workshops

To have peace and joy in parenting – is an art! Learn and share with us your experiences of parenting.

Teacher Training

Empower yourself daily with real-life anytime accessible library of meaningful activities and games to transition your classroom into active-learners mindfields!

Parents have shared their inspiring stories

Dhairya was a small caterpillar when he joined school, who was coming out of his cocoon. The school gave him wings to explore the world. He was shy, little introvert, fearful of heights.But you all like  a team brought him out of these holding back traits. Today he leads the group, puts his thoughts, help others with problems, cares for his friends & didis.

Sandeep Jain

Dhairya's Parent

It gives us great pleasure to watch our child Saanvi to happily waiting and look forward to go to Prakriti every morning. There is nothing more satisfying for us than to know that she is exploring everything there is to explore at her age. She loves being there to play, explore and be with Didis

As parents we learned many things at Prakriti.We know now that our job is not to shape our child but to help and provide her environment which will allow her to grow at her own pace and shape.
Smita & Manoj

Tia's Parents

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  • Table Tennis
  • Observation in Red Group
  • Art Class
  • Table Tennis
  • Group Sitting @ Prakriti (9-10AM)
  • Ballet Classes @ Prakriti
  • Table Tennis
  • Creative Movement Sessions with Ms Shushmita Ghosh
  • Ballet Classes @ Prakriti
  • Table Tennis
  • Art Class
  • Table Tennis
  • Group Sitting @ Prakriti (9-10AM)
  • Ballet Classes @ Prakriti
  • Table Tennis
  • Creative Movement Sessions with Ms Shushmita Ghosh
  • Ballet Classes @ Prakriti
  • Table Tennis
  • Art Class
  • Table Tennis
  • Group Sitting @ Prakriti (9-10AM)
  • Mini Anapana+Children's meditation course
  • Observation in Red group- Viaan Joshi
  • Ballet Classes @ Prakriti
  • Observation in Red group- Arnav Basu
  • Observation in Red Group-Vanya Choudhary
  • Table Tennis
  • Creative Movement Sessions with Ms Shushmita Ghosh
  • Observation schedule in Red group- Avyukt Jha
  • Ballet Classes @ Prakriti
  • Observation in Red Group-Myra Fatima
  • Observation in Red group- Luvayam Jain(2+)
  • Skating Classes
  • Table Tennis
  • Art Class
  • Table Tennis
  • Group Sitting @ Prakriti (9-10AM)
  • One day course @ Prakriti
  • Observation in Red group- Humnah Shamsi(3+)
  • Observation in Blue group- Steve Mathews(4+)
  • Skating Classes
  • Ballet Classes @ Prakriti
  • Observation in Red group- Aarit Goyal(2+)
  • Table Tennis
  • Creative Movement Sessions with Ms Shushmita Ghosh
  • Observation in Red Group Lakshya Verma(3+)
  • Observation in Blue Group- Gauri Pandey(4+)
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  • Ballet Classes @ Prakriti