About the Facilitator(s)

India’s Hobby Shack promotes Aero-modelling as a hobby and sport. It is a creative hobby which encourages the young aspirants to think laterally. A child learns the basics by designing, building and flying the different models of airplane, helicopter and rocket. We provide an opportunity to experience the thrill of flying and turning dreams to reality with the connoisseur in flying. India‚Äôs Hobby Shack provides learners a platform to pursue his/her interest in Aero-modelling in a safe, friendly and encouraging environment.

Summer Workshop 16′

Under an absolutely engaging and interesting workshop, children were able to understand concepts related to airplanes like never before. Creating their own wooden planes made them connect deeply to the workshop and along with this helped them learn interesting facts such as the history of planes, science behind flying, types of aero models, different parts of the aircraft, primary forces acting on aircraft, axis of rotation and different types of aerofoil shapes. From taking off to landing their own planes, they were simply in love with the workshop.

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