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Altamash, a traditional street artist, is carrying forward the art of Magic Tricks and Jugglery learnt from his ancestors. He has also mastered new tricks and skills from circus artists in Japan & Russia. Altamash has been conducting workshops in jugglery for children at Baal Mela, Nehru Planetarium. Jugglery is internationally recognised as a scientific tool to enhance mathematical understanding of patterns and concepts, which builds the foundation for automation and robotics. This program also focusses on developing bilateral motor skills and social skills in children, confidently “break-ice” with strangers, and hence improving confidence.

Summer Workshop 16′

This Summer turned out to be an exciting experience for children as they explored various magic tricks with Altamash, an incredible magician. Children were excited and their curiosity seemed to build further with every new trick. Let’s take a look at what children learnt this summer!

Magic Tricks

Children love magic! As the week began, there was an unusual cheer and happiness as children looked forward to learning magic tricks. Magic is an art and these little ones were quick to pick up the tricks of the trade.
Among the tricks they learnt were Tearing and restoring tissue paper, Mumma and baby coin trick, Jelly pen, Same pen-smaller pen, Odd and even cards, Finding the chosen card, and Breaking a toothpick in a handkerchief.
Towards the end of the week, children also began to experiment with jugglery. A unique form of art that requires immense eye and hand coordination had them completely gripped.

Magic Tricks

Our little magicians were completely at work this week. They gradually moved towards mastering their tricks and were all set to perform already.
In this week children learnt the all time “Favorite card trick” and even practiced it on each other. Among other card tricks, they learnt the “Four aces” trick as well as the “Guard your chosen card” trick.  
Finally, while practicing, they also began to try out the “Eye test stick” and “dice changing places” tricks.
Beware! Our magicians have been preparing to trick you!

Magic Tricks

Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen. 

Our young magicians and masterminds stole the show with their incredible tricks. Involving both their parents and friends, made the presentation even more fun as everyone was left amazed by the skill of their little hands. 

As our facilitator, Altamash says, “When you think about a magic show as a performing art, you will be curious to know how a magician does what he does.”

The Showcase 2016 indeed left everyone curious to know how children learnt and presented their tricks!

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