Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” Music is an art form and cultural activity whose medium is sound and silence. It is composed and performed for many purposes, ranging from aesthetic pleasure, religious or ceremonial purposes, or as an entertainment product. An activity thoroughly enjoyed by children, Music seems to be intrinsically understood by them. Children take no time in making any tune their own. Music creates strong feelings. And it creates strong memories. A child will just take in new music as yet another new experience in their lives. Music is a language, a language for all humans. It is a language that is there when normal language is of little use.

About the Facilitator(s)

Dennis has been working as musician in past 5 years, playing with reputed music bands such as ICPF ANGELOS, TANTRA, RYDMS, ROTUE &714, & CRESCENDO. He has also worked as a Choir Coordinator at REHEBOTH CITY CHURCH. He recently had the opportunity to play with the Punjabi rapper BOHEMIA, the AVIAL band from south India, Dr Benny Prasad, Bonny Andrews, and Bob Cash. he completed his music grades from Delhi School of Music and has been playing various genres such as jazz, contemporary gospel, funk and punk. He has worked as a music facilitator in a Music Academy called “RYDMS” and has also participated in leading Music Band competitions securing the first position in YAMAHA NORTH INDIA 2013 battle of bands with ROUTE 714 and did an opening for Bryan Adams with TANTRA band year 2012.

Summer Workshop 16′

Children love to sing! Given a tune, they add their own magic to it and sing it in the sweetest way possible. Their love for music is indeed, unbound. Let’s take a look at what children learnt this summer. 

Music Composition

Children looked forward to this novel activity and took no time in picking up various techniques. They began with an exploration of beats and even progressed to create their own patterns of beats using shakers. 
They explored the sounds of various instruments and tried their hands on the guitar as well. They even gained an understanding of how various instruments are played sequentially to create music.
Children and their connection with beats:

Music Composition

In the second week, music was in the air as children came up with four different self composed songs, where they could understand the level of composition by themselves.
Children came up with different lyrics and composed some tunes out of vowel sounds. Some of them started showing interest in playing the guitar while singing and in fact started exploring guitar with vocals. They could differentiate between tuned and untuned sounds. 
Children gradually began to develop a love for music and are also began to relate music with themselves.   

Music is a piece of art that goes from the ears, straight to the heart. Our Music facilitator, Dennis, had a wonderful time with children who in turn ended up helping him to create various melodies. These melodies soon turned into songs composed by the children themselves.

Our young musicians and lyricists were able to compose and perform a total of 3 songs. What more, they even composed a finale song that was performed by all the participants of the Summer workshop.

Their performances and tunes had everyone’s feet tapping with joy!