About the Facilitator

Vineet is as much an explorer at Prakriti as he is a facilitator! Strengthening sense awareness in children is one of his focus areas. Exploration and experimentation with food is one of children’s favourite ways of enjoying all their senses in a seamlessly integrated manner. When preparation of food reaches its culmination in a safe, fire-less way, children experience a wholesome fulfillment.

Summer Workshop 16′

Exploring new recipes and methods of food preparation interests children in a completely different way. While learning these new procedures, the completion and preparation of a new dish gives them a sense of satisfaction that is almost unmatched. Let’s take a look at the yummy dishes they were able to prepare this summer!

Non-fire Cooking

Chefs at work! Peeling, cutting, mashing or mixing, this group knows it all. In the first week children thoroughly enjoyed themselves preparing various dishes and drinks. They were able to prepare bhel puri, sweet corn, hung curd sandwiches, bread rolls, and fruit salad by themselves. Along with the recipes, they even had the names of ingredients on their finger tips. They also learnt to prepare drinks such as lemonade, mint chaas, aam panna, mango shake and roohafza.

Non-fire Cooking

Young chefs exploring recipes! 

In the second week children learnt new recipes and made the most delicious delicacies. They made Sev puri and jal jeera, Marie biscuit laddoos and chuski, Mango ice cream and tadkka chaj, Aloo chaat with chana and Sweet lassi and Papdi chaat and banana shake. 

Non-fire Cooking

Our little chefs got better every week! In the third week, our little masters took their skills to a new level as they experimented with a delicious Oreo cake. It was a delight indeed.
Among the recipes and drinks tried were Cucumber Salad and Aam Panna, Bread Rings and Sweet Lassi, Sporut Chaat and Mint Lassi, Taadka Chaj, Hang Curd Sandwich and Jal Jeera. These dishes were truly made with utmost perfection.  

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