2nd Learning City Noida Unconference, Nov 2016

If you are creative, you can do almost anything anywhere but at the same timethere is a perfect place for every event and activity. Performing yoga on a railway station platform is certainly very patriotic but it would be much nicer and far more productive if you...

Parent Practices

Parent Practices As parents, and teachers, we grow with our children and the practices we follow with them have a lasting impact on their behaviour. Every child is unique. Every child is special. Therefore, it seems natural that the set of parent practices that work...

Joy of Giving

When are you going to wear that  white shirt again? When was the last time you wore that black dress that was gifted to you? How long has it been since you last played with those toys? Think about it. 6 months? 8? Maybe a year. You love that shirt, it looks incredibly...

Saajha Saath 2015

What life does one have if it does not entail togetherness? A thought provoking question answered by a remarkable effort – Saajha Saath. We live in a community with people from all walks of life, we live together. Reminding us the essence of togetherness and at...

Janwaar Castle Trip

A new season, new beginnings, novel places, refreshed thinking, A trip of memories, a trip of experiences, A trip to question various differences, Learning to learn, growing to grow, Sharing, caring and getting to know, We came back refreshed, came back humbled, Ready... read more

Lohri Celebration

“ईसर आए , दरिदर जाए , Let purity come, dirt depart दरिदर दी जड़ , चुल्ले पाए। Dirt be uprooted and its roots cast in the fire.” Lohri, a harvest festival celebrated for purity, positive energy and happiness brings everyone a new resolution for the new year... read more


One day we celebrated the birthday of a child from one of the younger groups at school. He had brought a delicious cake for all his friends as well as the school. The cake was served at lunchtime. The children loved it. A girl finished her piece of cake and came to... read more

Diversity in happiness, Happiness in diversity

Happiness is…. What is happiness? I haven’t come across a single established definition, agreed to by all. Have you? Then,  another question  strikes me…how does  one become happy? There are a number of answers, and not just answers, there are a number of... read more

Diwali – May the light of wisdom lead us on…

You are in deep sleep, and are suddenly awakened by a small thud. You rush to see where the sound came from. There was a thief, but now he has run away, because he knows you are awake. Darkness leads us to remain in deep sleep, and we are asleep even with open eyes.... read more

It’s about “ME”

This week we started with a new theme – ‘Me and myself.’ During circle time, children were asked to talk about their likes and dislikes. Children were given time to think about themselves as well as the things that give them happiness and those they... read more

Physical Education

Physical education is an essential part of children’s development and is aimed at offering children a wide choice of physically active learning experiences that link their interests, abilities and alertness. It is a blend of both structured (intentionally taught... read more

Helicopters – Real or Unreal?

“दीदी ये तो इतना बड़ा है कि मैं एक बार में इसको पूरा देख ही नहीं पा रहा हूँ।” a child said, as his eyes tried to absorb more and more of  the huge helicopter standing in front. The children were all mesmerized during their visit to a Helicopter assembly facility in... read more

Gandhiji – The Teacher and Learner within Us

“किसी ने हवाई जहाज़ देखा है ?” I asked my little friends, who were now ready to learn about aeroplanes and how they fly. “हाँ दीदी, वो बहुत बड़ा होता है।” One said. “उसमें pilot भी होता है“ said another. “और वो कैसे उड़ता है ?” I interrogated. “पैट्रोल से।” One... read more
It is that time of the year again, one that each of us so eagerly looks forward to, The onset of spring, to use a cliche, heralds the beginning of life anew The journey continues, the hue deepens, the hue of the blot of blue, A new challenge, renewed energy, a little something more, about me and you!

Thank You For helping him settle then, And for helping him again. When he felt at home alone, For making school feel like home. “I’ve lost my mum”, To us that didn’t come. For showing us clearly, They’re often looking for Mommy. For always keeping us in the know, And for helping us also grow.

Hemang's Parents

प्रकृति ‘प्रकृति’ की जब मैं समझाने लगती हूँ ‘प्रकृति’, लोग कह उठते हैं की भई तुम तो कर रही हो अति . क्या कोई बच्चा छुट्टी होने पर रोता है? स्कूल न जाना तो अक्सर बच्चों को पसंद होता है. आखिर क्या है तुम्हारे इस बच्चे की ‘प्रकृति’? मुझे लगा, नहीं है यह सिर्फ इस बच्चे की ‘प्रकृति’ ! इस स्कूल का हर बच्चा ही तो ऐसे करता है, क्योंकि उसे वहां अपनी खुद की ‘प्रकृति’ समझने का मौका मिलता है. मिलता है विचारों का खुलापन और कल्पना की उडान, हर दिन, हर हफ्ते चढ़ते हैं ये नए सोपान. बनाकर अपने सोच और सवालों की पोटली हर दिन जब आते हैं घर, इन सवालों का जवाब ढूंढते हुए हम भी करते हैं इनकी दुनिया का सफ़र. यह सफ़र बहुत कुछ समझाता है, दिखलाता है, कुछ जवाब देकर बहुत से नए सवाल छोड़ जाता है. अब लगता है की जवाबों से ज्यादा ये सवाल ही ज़रूरी हैं, ये क्या? कहा? कैसे? कौन? के बिना तो नई सोच अधूरी है. प्रकृति ने तो बच्चों को जिज्ञासु बनाया है, इस प्रकृति ने इन्हें सोच-विचार व कल्पना की शक्ति से संवारा है. इनके कोमल मन और स्वभाव को समझकर हर मोती पिरोया है, तन और मन के बल को संजोया है. शायद, ‘प्रकृति’ की ‘प्रकृति’ के बारे में मैं अब कुछ बता पाई हूँ, इस खोज में कहीं खुद को और अपने बच्चे को बेहतर समझ पाई हूँ. अमिता कौशिक (11 मार्च, 2015) Amita Kaushik