Summer time is Fun time!

This Summer 2016, Prakriti is excited to engage with facilitators coming from different parts of India and encourage children in stimulating experiences in Story, Art, Dance, Non-fire cooking and more. 
Facilitators like Sonal have a wide experience in working with children & adults, engaging in different forms of art- origami, clay, painting and thread weaving.Her fun stories are able to engage these little ones and take them to a world of fantasies. As they bring their creativity and imagination to life through various forms of art, their art works are fabulous indeed.
Dancing is always a good idea! Our little friends took no time to pick up techniques and steps from Pragati, who was surely surprised. Point or flex, roll or step, jazz hands or blade hands…they know it all! 
Our little chefs are super excited to create new dishes each day! They cut, mash, mix and stir just like professionals and Vineet bhaiya is now taking a back seat as children want minimal assistance in preparing their recipes!  


SMB.Lumen is an exciting program developed to not only enhance children’s creativity, but also help them explore their individual expressions.

As they engage in various forms of art and create their own world of imagination, they enjoy opportunities of free exploration and experimentation. 

With components of storytelling, art, dance and non-fire cooking, this program not only makes learning a fun experience for children, but also ensures that the summer has been spent in a productive way!


Storytelling & Art

Non-fire Cooking

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