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About the Facilitator(s)

Kamal Pruthi is a recipient of ATSA (Art Think South Asia-2014) fellowship in the field of Arts management and Goethe’s Scholarship for young theatre practitioners of the world-2006. Active in the Theatre industry since 1999, Kamal is active as the artistic director of a young theatre company “Museum Theatre” since 2012.  Along with his experimental use of performance spaces, his specialization lies in Children Theatre & Storytelling for children & adults and most of his directed plays are in storytelling theatre format. As a literary translator, Pruthi has translated several literary texts mainly children’s literature from and into German, Hindi and English and runs and moderates a literary forum “Garma Garam Chai“  for the promotion of translators, authors and playwrights.  As a storyteller, Kamal’s reinvention of the character Kabuliwala and his jhola (bag full) of folktales has been greatly loved by the kids and the parents and is successfully reaching masses.

About the Facilitator(s)

Shalini is a story teller and designs early development programs for babies and toddlers. Having gained exposure and experience in the U.S and India, she brings her deep passion and innovative style to make learning an enjoyable experience for children.

Abhipsa has 11 years of experience in the field of Story telling, Art, Graphics, Paintings, Photography and Origami. After completing her Bachelor of Visual Arts and Communication degree from Bharathiyar Palkalai Koodam, Pondicherry University, she has undertaken a variety of art projects with premier organisations such as Alliance Française, Bonjour India, Navavihan, Sri Aurobindo society, Fishery dept. of Pondicherry etc, producing innovative graphics art work. She has participated in various art exhibitions, projects and camps across India. Working with children comes naturally to her as she connects with them through stories and transforms their imagination into art expressions.

Sonal has three years experience of working with children through arts, Story-telling, origami and clay. After finishing her graduation from Delhi college of engineering in Electronics she chose to walk the road less traveled and decided to pursue her passion of working with children and therefore joined Teach for India. During which she worked with children age(8-12) in arts, storytelling, origami,clay in her classroom on daily basis.She has also worked in a children animation movie making project with the help of BOL organisation with a large group of children.Passionate about travel,arts and listening stories from people ,Last she year she decided to travel Different parts of India for an year to understand Contemporary and regional arts and worked with a potter to understand clay work at an art village in Bangalore and met many other artist working with children to bring their self expression out through arts.

March Workshop 16′

“Salaam Namaste, Sat Sri-akal, Ram Ram ji and Paye lagoo!”

This March, the storytelling workshop was filled with creative energies with “Suno Kahani Buno Kahani (storytelling)” and “The Flying Pencil (creative writing).” Children explored the magical world of stories as their Kabuliwaala (Kamal Pruthi) gave them exciting experiences with a new story everyday. Stories were woven, characters were chosen and dialogues were spoken, by the children themselves. Fun actions, dances, Jugalbandhi and creative drawing activities urged the children to happily give a round of “Taali ghuma ke!”  Here’s a short clip of one of the stories – “Dennis ki Murgi”

“Kahaani shuru ki jaye…”

Summer Workshop 16′

This summer, children had a fun time weaving, creating, and enacting their own stories. Let’s take a sneak peek into the activities children had been engrossed in.

Story & Art

The workshop made a great start with these energetic and wonderful children. Looking forward to exciting stories everyday, these little ones were already beginning to understand various colours and new words from week 1.
Day 1Mili chali nani ke ghar (Hindi) – This is a story about a girl who wanted to go and meet her grandmother (nani). As she passes through a jungle on her way, she encounters various animals and deals with them differently.
Art – Making an animal puppet.
Day 2 Dadaji ka chashma (Hindi musical story) – This story is about a boy who loves playing with his grandfathers spectacles and one day while playing, he loses them. His grandfather helps him realize how important they are for him and they both begin on a journey to search for the spectacles together.
Art – Making personalized spectacles and decorating them.
Day 3The Gummy bear (English/hindi both) – Through this story, children were introduced to different sounds.
This is a story of a boy who wanted to gift his mother yellow flowers as a token of gratitude. To look for such flowers he went to the valley of flowers and ended up in front of a gummy bear who falls in love with a song sung by the boy, that was taught to him by his mother.
Art – For the first time, these little ones were exposed to a big canvas and were free to bring in their imagination of how the valley of flowers would look like into the canvas. They used both oil pastels and paint colors and worked together in a big group, on a big canvas.
Day 4The three fishes and their friendship– This is a story of three fishes who play together in the sea the entire day and one fine day a fisherman comes on a boat to catch them. Two of the fishes were able to save their lives but the fisherman catches the third one. Then the other two help their friend and save him from the fisherman.
Art – Children dived into the under water world and drew this freely on paper. They used paint colors to express how the sea looks like to them and then used colored sawdust to bring their imagination to life on their own canvas.
Day 5The noisy night of a little mouse – This is a story of two mouse brothers- one big mouse and one little mouse. The little mouse can’t sleep because of all the noises in and around his cozy little house: tap-tapping on the window, drip-dripping inside. Little Mouse wants to sleep in Big Mouse’s bed and in his favorite blanket. But Big Mouse doesn’t want Little Mouse to take the entire bed. What should be done?
Art – Children were exposed to the world of patterns and were asked to design their own patterns to make their favorite blankets and came up with beautiful ideas and wonderful designs.

Story & Art 

Day 1: Children started with the story of a Rooster who forgot his own voice ‘kuk-doo-koo’’ and went to his friends-  cow, pig, goat, donkey and cat to relearn the same. Eventually, he ended up learning their sounds and even performed in the town kids party where he was appreciated for his creativity.
Art- Children started working on a canvas, creating a background using water colors and then printing circular glass patterns using tissue rolls. They filled their canvases with patterns and designs.
Day 2: Little Monkey lost his mother, but a butterfly decided to help him. She asked him to describe his mother and took him through the jungle to identify his mother. Through this story the children were able to understand descriptions and differences between various animals.
Art- Children were exposed to clay and explored techniques such as pinching pots, rolling, and making long pipes. They then used these techniques to make any one animal that they had heard about in the story. They were also able to observe how the shape of clay changes with hand pressure.
Day 3: Children were engrossed in the story of a kind boy named Stanley who lives in the cave with his friends. He was very different from the others and likes to play with flowers, animals and paint. One day he decided to leave the cave in search of a new house and ended up making his own house.
Art- Children continued using clay and felt more comfortable with clay in their hands. Using various techniques, they designed their dream houses and came up with beautiful pieces of art.
Day 4: Children continued with the story of the little monkey done the previous day and were asked to describe the animals that were introduced to them previously. They enacted their favorite animals and then headed on to create their own jungle.
Art- Children have their own individual descriptions of a jungle, therefore we all sat together and planned how we could make a big jungle using clay. They were given a big canvas and poured their imagination on the canvas to come up with a variety of trees, birds, animals and flowers.
Day 5: Children heard the story of two rabbits chatru and matru. Chatru only eats carrots while matru likes to eat all vegetables. A problem occurred when one fine day all the carrots in the town had been eaten and chatru was very hungry. Matru requested him to try cabbage but he refused. Matru then made his friend him taste the cabbage while he was sleeping and helped him realize that he is missing out many tasty vegetables.
Art- Children designed their own vegetable garden where they wanted to grow carrots and cabbage for chatru and matru. They were given a choice as to which medium of art they wanted to use- oil pastels, water colors or dry sand colors. While some of them decided to work with a combination of two or three medium, others enjoyed working with one medium.

Story & Art

Day 1: A Bucketful of Blessings – This is a story about a monkey and his journey in search of rain. When he realizes that only a peacock’s dance will make the rain pour down, he knows exactly where to go. On his journey, he meets many animal friends that guide his way.

Art: Children explored free art and drew their own special scenes from the story using crayons.

Day 2: The very busy Spider – This is a story of a baby spider who is learning to weave his web but all his friends want to play with him. However, when the spider weaves his web he is fully attentive towards his work and doesn’t listen to any one. All his friends come and go but the spider finishes his web by night without getting distracted.

Art: Children learnt the technique of making Spider web using paint and ear buds. They also prepared an artistic background for the web.

Day 3: Piggy pig and Chichi Bird – One beautiful morning, a pig gave birth to a piglet and on the same day a bird gave birth to a baby bird as well. As time passes, piggy learns to walk and chichi bird learns to fly. Soon they become very good friends and play together on the mountains daily. One day piggy tells his mother that he wants to fly like his friend chi chi but mother tells him that every animal is unique and pigs do not fly. They only play on land. Piggy requested his friend chichi to teach him how to fly and in the process hurt himself badly and learnt his lesson.

Art: Children worked on a big canvas together and imagined the mountains where piggy and chi chi used to play. They designed the mountains and trees using natural materials like fallen leaves, flowers and twigs collected from the Prakriti backyard.

Day 4: The Cookie Wookie Thief – Many of the children had heard this story before. This story was chosen as the idea was to bring children into the characters and help them acting out stories. The story was depicted and designed on the floor with chalk and all the children acted out various parts of the story. From now on they will be acting out the stories everyday to get comfortable with dialogues and expressions as a part of their showcase finale.

Art: Children were introduced to potato stamps of different varieties and were asked to design their dreamland using imagination with the help of a combination of may stamps cut form potato.

Day 5: The elephant with Hiccups – This story is about an elephant who started getting hiccups suddenly on a lazy afternoon. All the animals were sleeping and got disturbed by these hiccups. They came to the elephant one by one to help him find a solution but couldn’t solve the problem. In the end, an intelligent mouse came up and found a solution. All the children chose their characters and acted out the story.

Art: Children were introduced to the technique of blending two or more colors on the brush and bring them on the paper by mixing them with water to create multicolored flowers. They created a wide variety of multicolored flowers using this technique.


Showcase 2016

John Muir says,”The power of imagination makes us infinite.” When given the opportunity to imagine and create, you’ll be amazed at what children can come up with. This summer, during our storytelling workshop, our facilitator Sonal didi was surprised by the ideas of the youngest group. A story beginning with “Ek baar na….” often ended out to be a story with twists and turns she couldn’t even imagine.

Storytelling came to children not only as a fun activity, but also as an inspiration. Following the footsteps of Sonal didi, one of our little friends even decided to share her own story during the showcase. The story was chosen by her and this was her very first attempt at storytelling. Her confidence surely left everyone amazed!

Through the workshop, our little friends gradually grew from storytellers to actors! Choosing their very own story and dialogues, these young ones enacted a beautiful story of “Jungle mei Haathi!”

The Showcase 2016 was definitely a fun learning experience for both children and parents!

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