Theatre & Puppetry

Shadow puppetry, with its bold shapes, vivid colours, and dramatic movement, is a highly engaging art form that provides rich opportunities for exploration in early childhood educational settings.Perfect for narrative stories, shadow puppetry also naturally lends itself to exploring poetry, music, science, maths, and socialization themes.

Workshops are open to all kids aged 8 to 18. Interactive workshops are designed to keep kids engaged and occupied to learning the great skill of shadow puppet. Kids learn about various puppet styles, design a puppet of their own, and create collaborative stories that incorporate the puppets they have made.

About the Facilitator

Ishamudin has been conducting workshops for children since 1996 and has worked with children in France, Ireland, Holland, Sweden and Japan for magic and shadow puppets. He acquired fame with his mastery of magic tricks that took him to different countries in the world. He worked with various international artists in different areas of expression and developed interest in working with children, weaving his ancestral art of storytelling and manipulating puppets to make it enticing!

Jyotsana has completed her Theatre course from NSD TIE (WING), Tripura and has been working with children ever since. She has facilitated various Summer Theatre Workshops for children since 2011. She uses various learning techniques to introduce children to Theatre not only as a fun experience but also as a method to build their personality. She has completed 7 Plays as an Actress and has worked as a Drama Teacher in Ardee World School, Gurgaon. Among other things she has taken sessions on Story Telling with B.EL.ED Students in Institute of Home Economics and has also worked as an assistant director with Imran Khan (iEntertainment) in DPSI, Gurgaon.

Summer Workshop 16′

According to Willem Dafoe, “Theatre is about challenging how we think and encouraging us to fantasize about a world we aspire to live in.” This summer, children thoroughly enjoyed exploring various aspects of Theatre as they took a step closer to understanding themselves and their own emotions. Let’s take a peek into some of the activities they were involved in.


As a medium of building confidence and opening up to various situations, our young ones explored theatre in a completely different way. Breaking inhibitions and opening up to new experiences built the foundation and building blocks for their performance.
Activities and games were being used as mediums to build on narration, acting, story making and story telling. 
As they enjoyed playing these games, they also unknowingly learnt important lessons in team building, problem solving and conflict resolution. A session on non-verbal communication helped them flow in a single rhythm and understand spontaneity and abstract thinking. 
With a foundation of free imagination, they picked up tools to improvise and create their own stories, which indeed, is an art! 


In this week, children focussed their skills towards creation. They learnt to create sounds for various places and spaces such as a city, jungle or even air and sea. 
Object theatre was another interesting activity this week. Children used various objects such as recycled sticks, plastic bottles, boxes, etc to create various stories and even performed their own stories in groups. They were also able to develop a certain degree of stage sense and also used sounds to express their moods.
Children worked towards creating various objects using their own bodies. The entire group was able to create objects such as a tree and cave. 
With elements of team building, children were able to bring out their ability to express themselves through 5 mediums: Body, Sound, Drawing/Scribbling, Language (a more mature way of using language) and Non-verbal communication.  


This week was a sort of reflection over what was done/learnt in the previous two weeks. One big achievement to this week was using of set in an act. Children used set design for their acts and this was an application of object theatre.
One of the most interesting things this week was the creation of music using objects. Children made their own orchestra. One child started of and the rest joined in only to come up with a jam session. 
Children also worked in the field of physical theatre in which they tried to show/present only by using their bodies.
They also learned a new language called gibberish and composed two songs in this language.
Sharing stories: Every one of us is a story teller and we all want to share stories. The last session of this week was dedicated to storytelling and everybody shared some stories, leaving many more to be shared. Children are eagerly looked forward to the next week to share them.

Showcase 2016

This year, the Theatre workshop was designed to introduce children to the process of making and performing theatre. Children began by exploring these possibilities starting from their own experiences, expressing and articulating them through a range of theatre exercises. An attitude of playfulness is essential to any kind of making and games of various kinds underpin the process of playmaking.

Combining all these elements, a final play evolved. These budding artists decided their roles, created dialogues, enacted situations, took flights of fantasy and eventually put all that together in their performance.

The audience was thoroughly gripped as children effortlessly presented the beautiful story of a deep forest in Meghalaya.

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