UnConference @ Prakriti – musings


UnConference 2015


Jhappis, dances and a tek-tek song,

The day began so bright and strong.

Losing myself, and finding again,

In a journey of immense give and gain.

Expanding horizons and breaking bars,

Reaching out to sky and stars.

The story of a cow, indeed so wow,

A lamp of threads, how, how, how?

Giving and taking, at a dariya dil dukaan,

Spinning compassion in an enormous yarn.

Cooking in clay, so much play,

Knowledge in the most novel way.

Creativity and talent fills my walls,

As the day goes on with numerous stalls.

Energy and positivity with no end,

An atmosphere where everyone’s a friend.

Uncreated and co-created the same,

UnConference gave me an undying aim,

Joyous sharing, connecting without bounds,

Setting foot on discrete, new grounds.

I’ve grown with each word and thought,

Filling further, my learning pot.


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